District Championship 2016

Nov 18-20, 2016, RA Centre, Ottawa

Events Results ...scores online ... Action pictures in Slideshow and Video of MD A final
Mens Singles
"A" 1st - Liam Woodside, 2nd - Kartikay Tyagi
"B" 1st - Yifan Wei, 2nd - Jacob Lewis
"C" 1st - Eric Blanchard, 2nd - Angus Lam
"D" 1st - Jérémie St-Pierre, 2nd - Mikaël Gaumond
Ladies Singles
"A" 1st - Rachel Ng, 2nd - Nia Patel
"B" 1st - Michelle Wong, 2nd - Rawa Oudah
"C" 1st - Regina Leung, 2nd - Amber Flannigan
"D" 1st - Luckana Wasoontarajaroen , 2nd - Megan Ray
Mens Doubles:
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan / Andrew D'Souza, 2nd - Liam Woodside / Kartikay Tyagi
"B" 1st - Calvin Che / Newton Zheng, 2nd- Yifan Wei / Linyang Zhang
"C" 1st - Alan Fok / Yicong Zhang, 2nd - Sen Yang / Yong Cai
"D" 1st - Devon Hamilton / Kevin Lu, 2nd - Shu-Pei Lin / Matthew Saunders
Ladies Doubles:
"A" 1st - Min Zhao / Yiwen Jiang, 2nd - Rachel Ng / Sashini Senarath
"B" 1st - Lina Liu / Salina Tran, 2nd - Teresa Dan / Jianing Zhang
"C" 1st - Louise Kragh-Jakobsen / Regina Leung, 2nd - Aarthi Ganesh / Jackie Huang
"D" 1st - Linda Mill / My-Yen Yu, 2nd - Christina Doan / Emilie Frenette
Mixed Doubles:
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan / Sashini Senarath, 2nd - Anthony Ho / Rachel Ng
"B" 1st - Cédric Hupé-Pageau / Emily Mcconnell, 2nd - Bryan Lam / Lina Liu
"C" 1st - Alan Fok / Jessica Fang, 2nd - Yicong Zhang / Rawa Oudah
"D" 1st - David Zhang / Christina Doan, 2nd - Keirt Aman / Danica Plourde

Many thanks to Oliver Sports Canada for sponsoring!
The lucky draw winner for the Oliver Sports Canada extra Large TRIPLE BAG is Ernest Lee from the Carleton University Badminton Team. Congratulations!

Draw DeskSue Patel, Thuy Pham, Min Zhao & Fei Tam
Umpires and officialsAlan Fok
Prizes preparation and distribution Patrick St Jean
Line judgesHarold Curley, William Chen, Cameron Karas, & Anand Satheesh
Fruits purchaser for playersThuy Pham
Registration Fei Tam
Photos Aarthi Gamesh, Jiajian Yang, Joshua Macute
Tournament organizer CommitteeFei Tam, Thuy Pham, Javier Monte

See you all next year!!

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