District Championship 2015

Nov 20-22, 2015, RA Centre, Ottawa

Events Results ...scores online and Videos: MD SF highlights and WD B
Mens Singles
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan, 2nd - Tingwei Tseng
"B" 1st - Brendan Dinsdale, 2nd - Haotian Jiang
"C" 1st - Yifan Wei, 2nd - Trevor Ha
"D" 1st - Brandon Watkins, 2nd - David Charbonneau
Ladies Singles
"A" 1st - Chinue De La Merced, 2nd - Aswini Ganesh
"B" 1st - Jenny Lei, 2nd - Isabelle Obrien
"C" 1st - Dominique Lalonde, 2nd - Aarthi Ganesh
"D" 1st - Emilie Frenette, 2nd - Fay Banffer
Mens Doubles:
"A" 1st - Austin Flannigan / Tingwei Tseng, 2nd - Ipellie Foo / Minh Pham
"B" 1st - Prshant D'Costa / Truc Le, 2nd- Yifan Wei / Linyang Zhang
"C" 1st - Boris Watkin / Christian Brie, 2nd - Michael Duan / Yiyang Jiang
"D" 1st - Macro Law / Syed Mashadi, 2nd - Haotian Jiang / Brohan Profit
Ladies Doubles:
"A" 1st - Chinue De La Merced / Serena Lam, 2nd - Valerie Duchesneau / Emilie Fleury-Larocque
"B" 1st - Nivienne Chua / Vivian Pham, 2nd - Laura Clysdale / Karen Kunmin Li
"C" 1st - Chyna Liu / Nana Sheng, 2nd - Lina Liu / Allison Tran
"D" 1st - Emily Mcconnell / Veronique St-Jacque, 2nd - Mary Lynn Cotte / Rawa Oudah
Mixed Doubles:
"A" 1st - Tingwei Tseng / Chinue DeLa Merced, 2nd - Minh Pham / Aswini Ganesh
"B" 1st - Faith Gunner/ Jackie TSang, 2nd - Yifan Wei / Dominique Lalonde
"C" 1st - Austin Flannigan / Nivienne Chua, 2nd - Bryan Lam / Lina Liu
"D" 1st - Kevin Lu / Sarina Chu, 2nd - Macro Law / Ashley Herfst

The Draw Desk requires hard working and quick learning.

... Check ... action pictures ...more action pictures

...more pictures to come... stay tuned.

Many thanks to all particpants and voluntters who made this event a smashing success!

Draw DeskSue Patel, Vivian Pham, Mike Dong, Thuy Pham, Nick Tse, Aarthi Ganesh,...
Umpires and officialsAlan Fok, Min Zhao, Fei Tam, Thuy Pham, Devon Hamilton
Line judgesXianda Jiang, Nick Mak-Fan, Qi Liu, Brendan Dinsdale, Max Brunet, Andy Bai...
Fruits purchaser for playersThuy Pham
Foods purchasers for volunteersYuntao Dong, Jiangjian Peng
Registration Fei Tam
Sound system was borrowed from:Sylvain Coulombe
PhotosJune Ng, Vivian Pham, Aarthi Gamesh
Tournament organizer CommitteeFei Tam, Thuy Pham, John Russell

See you all next year!!

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