ODBA "Mark Grantham" Team Championship 2010

Jan 16 - 17, 2010 at the RA Centre, Ottawa

pictures and actions and draws
Gold Silver Bronze
A Yellow Snow (Vivian Tam) Chris Dorey, Mike Levesseur, TD Nguyen, Denis Kutman, Vivian Tam, Min Zhao Melissa Lafrance, Melane Potvin. Handicapters (Lihong Zhou)Sergiy Shatenko, Andrew D'Souza, Kevin Cao, Liam Woodside,Qufei Chen, Emilie Fleury-Laroque, Jana Kriz, Lihong Zhou. Carleton Raven (Kevin Luo)Kirk Hansen, Dan Leblanc, Mike Tran, Kevin Luo, Melanie lambert, Laura Gemmell, Tarra Brazeau, Jennifer Waugh
B Spring Rolls & French Fries (Wai Fai Lee) Gary Wan, Guillaume, Proulx Mark Johnson, Wai Fai Lee, Maude Laforte, Val Chon, Kathy Liu, Thuy Nguyen The Badmintonarium of Dr. Smashnassus (Richard Probert) Rob Burry, Richard Probert, Mikle Conway, Bruce Jackson, Kilda Butler, Lynda Morgan-Elson, Lynne Plummer, Lynda Becker. Better Feather (Mark Habinski)Mark Habinski, Steven Vo, Ozan Gonenc, Julian Andean, Rowena Foong, Angelina Lee-Chan, Marjelaine Caya, Crystal Leblanc.
C The Flying Dutchman's Crew! Arrr (Katherine ChengLi)Victor Liang, David Lewis, , Lee Turcotte, Kyle Cantal, Katherine ChengLi, Courtney Leung, Genevieve Sherry, Arielle Beaudry. Guan Yu's Brigade (Alan Fok)Alan Fok, Kevin Tseng, Nicolas Tse, Alex Chao, Annie Tzeng, Danielle Cantal, Yvonne Fu & Clara Fu. With Style (David Kurtz)Alain Magloire, Manfred Cantal, David Kurtz, Jason Loney, Maria Murphy, Yuli Qin, Noelle DeGrande, Jane Graham.
D CU Pokemon Trainers (Carter Chin)Kenneth Chan, Mark Chean, Kevin Wong, Carter Chin, Cassie Cheung, Melissa Li, Jennifer Leung, Chelsea Smith OU Mustard (Benny Chen)Kenny Yuen, Jason Hum, Benny Chen, Tony Chen, Patricia Gagnon, Mathilde Marquis, Cathy Chiu, Jean Wong. OU Ketchup (Esther Son) Travis Lo, John Trinh, Ian Roney, Phil Chen, Esther Son, Lisa Shi, Alison Fogtmann, Andrea Hum.
Many Thanks to our volunteers who had contributed many hours of their time and talents and made this event a smashing success!!

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