Luero Open 2010

The Eric Luong Memorial Badminton Tournament

Hintonburg community Centre, Ottawa July 15-18, 2010

Men's Doubles-A:
1st: Jozzepi Foo & Mohamed
2nd: Lachlan & UT
3rd: Dan Nguyen & Kevin Cao
B Champion: Tony Chen & Kenny Yuen
C Champion: Alan Fok & Edwin Ma
D Champion: Mark Habinski & Yiwei Pan
Mixed Doubles-A:
1st: Benny Chen & Brigette Kwok
2nd: Jozzepi & Serena Foo
3rd: Kevin Luo & Kathy Liu
B Champion: Kenny Yuen & Shirley Huang
C Champion:Chapman Wong & Adrienne Ng
D Champion: Tony Chen & Jean Wong
Ladies Doubles-A:
1st: Sally Liang & Lisa Shi
2nd: Brigette Kwok & Jessica Fang
3rd: Serena Foo & Ellen Fu
Thank you for everyone that attended, and for everyone who showed support for our dear friend's memorial! I hope you guys had a blast, and we're grateful for the support you've shown. Congratulations to the Doubles winners, Jozzepi Foo/Mohamed Oudah, Lisa Shi/Sally Liang, and our Mixed winners, Benny Chen/Brigette Kwok! I hope everyone enjoyed their door prizes! And a big thank you for the sponsors SOTX, Maxsports, GT Express, and especially Kitchen Comforts for the awesome food! Finally, a big thank you to all the volunteers, and for Fei Tam, Vincent Lee and Roy Hoople, for both helping us run the whole tournament! Without them, this couldn't have been a success. Thank you all!

-Eric's friend, Kevin Luo

Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered - you are the reason the tournament was a success on the court and money raised for charity. We raised a total of $540 which is being donated to CIBC Run for the Cure and the Civic Hospital.

I look forward to seeing you at next year's Luero Open, we are looking at the third weekend in July, same as this year to keep it consistent.

Thanks again,

-Tournament organizer, Roy Hoople

Gratitudes: Baked goodie were provided by Tony Chen, Thulin Tan. Hot Lunch were prepared by Silvesta Ng -

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