ODBA Players Enjoy Great Trip to OBA U12 Jr A and Junior B/C Championships in London, Ontario, March 9-11, 2007




Twelve juniors from ODBA-affiliated Clubs in Ottawa and Cornwall had a great time participating in the U12 Junior A and Junior B/C Ontario Championships at Fanshawe College, in London. Nine from Ottawa shared transportation in three parent-driven vehicles and met up with three from Cornwall in London.





Back Row: Jenna Flannigan, Manuel Hasbun-Asistores, Vincent Lee, Kimberley Leung, Dorothy Lui, Brian Kwok, Sergiy Shatenko

Middle Standing: Austin Flannigan

Front Row: Samy Coulombe, Courtney Leung, Andrew D’Souza, Jay Flannigan


The Ottawa group had great reasonably-priced accommodations at the Travelodge, with adjoining rooms and full hot buffet breakfasts. The group enjoyed a Chinese buffet dinner together on Saturday night, before cheering on the finalists on Sunday morning, and heading back to Ottawa after lunch.


The team achieved some great results, but did not do as well as they might have in a few areas due to illness and injury. Brian Kwok (SBA) was fighting an illness throughout, and Kimberley Leung (SBA) was also fighting an illness  particularly on the first day. Courtney Leung (SBA) suffered an ankle injury and had to withdraw.


Team Results are as follows:


In the U12 Junior A Boys Singles championships, Austin Flannigan (Cornwall) made it to the A flight Semi Finals, while Samy Coulombe (SBA) made it to the Consolation Round Finals. Manuel Hasbun-Asistores (SBA) lost his A flight and Consolation matches.


In the U12 Boys Doubles, Samy and Manuel won their first match, and then lost to Austin Flannigan and his partner from Bracebridge, who eventually won the A flight Silver Medal.


In the U14 Boys Singles, Jay Flannigan (Cornwall) made it to the Quarter  Finals. Andrew D’Souza (RA) won his first match but lost in Round 2.


In the U14 Boys Doubles, Andrew and Jay made it to the Finals and won the Silver Medal.

In the U14 Mixed Doubles, Jay and his partner from the Granite Club in Toronto reached the Main flight finals, and won the Silver Medal after losing in a 3-game match.


In the U16 Boys Singles, Sergiy Shatenko (SBA) won the Gold Medal.


In the U16 Mixed Doubles, Courtney and Sergiy were well on the way to winning in the Quarter Finals on target  to the Finals, when Courtney suffered an ankle injury and the team had to withdraw.


In the U16 Girls Doubles, Courtney and Jenna Flannigan (Cornwall) lost their first match, but won their first Consolation match. They lost in the Consolation Semi Finals.


In the U16 Girls Singles, Courtney lost her first match, but then made it to the Consolation Finals. Unfortunately, she had to withdraw from that as well, due to her injury. Jenna won her first match, but lost in Round 2.


In the U19 Girls Singles, Dorothy Lui (SBA) (seeded 2) won the Gold Medal. Kimberley lost her first match in 3 games, and withdrew from the Consolation due to illness.


In the U19 Girls Doubles, Dorothy and Kimberley (seeded 1) won the Gold Medal.


In the U19 Mixed doubles, Dorothy and Brian (seeded 1) unfortunately lost in the Semi Finals in a 3-game match. Kimberley and Vincent Lee (SBA) made it to the Quarter Finals, but lost to the second seed and eventual Gold Medal winner.


In the U19 Boys Singles, Brian made it to Round 3 finally losing in a close 3-game match, with the last one 22-20. Vincent lost his first match, but made it to the Consolation Quarter Finals.


In the U19 Boys Doubles, Brian and his partner from Bracebridge won their first match, but lost in Round 2 in a close 3-game match. Vincent and Sergiy lost their Main flight and Consolation matches.



Director of ODBA Junior Development, Dominique Guertin, expressed her satisfaction that the players had such an enjoyable trip and heartily congratulated all the players on their participation and great performances. “We are already looking ahead to an even better trip next year, “she said, “ in fact, we can always hope that maybe the tournament will be held closer to home ! “


Results are at: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/winners.aspx?id=13490