The 3x21 Rally Point Scoring system

A few words from Ian Bishop

Did You Know That Badminton Changed 08 May 2006 - With the New Rules there is a whole mind set change that takes place in the way that you play the game:

Do You Know That:

  1. That you WIN a POINT if your opponent serves into the net
  2. That you only have one serve in DOUBLES
  3. That a match is 2 of 3 games to 21 points
  4. That having 29 points & being 2 points ahead of your opponent is GOOD , you WIN - having 29 points when your opponent has 30 is BAD , you LOSE
  5. That you may COACH players from courtside the whole match - except - during the actual rally
  6. That you have a 60 second BREAK at 11 points in the game and a 120 second BREAK between games (a lot longer after the last game)
  7. These are the main areas of change to the rules - you will have to read and understand the new rules. Many web sites have links to the new rules - you can go through the Badminton Canada site at

    A rule interpretation will also be available SOON from the Ontario Badminton Association

    Ian Bishop, OBA Director of Leadership