Soong Badminton Academy - EASTER 2005 - Junior Badminton Tournament Results
Ninety (90) enthusiastic junior badminton players representing eight (8) different area
clubs, and thirty three (33) different area schools, competed in some great badminton
play at the Turnbull School over the Easter Weekend.
Congratulations to all participants for your great effort and great play.
A big thank you from the tournament convenors (Dominic Soong and Janet Hugli) to all of
the volunteers who shared their Easter weekend with us, and helped to make the tournament
a great success.
Thursday evening volunteers:  Gus Pinto, William Trinh, Vincent Lee, Angelina Chan
Friday volunteers:  Gus Pinto, Angelina Chan, Nick Fong, Louis Racine, Christian Storgaard
Saturday volunteers:  Gus Pinto, David Hum, Olga Gabroussenok, Joshua Chan, Kelsey Charie, broussenok, Joshua Chan, Kelsey Charie,  
Tim Wong, Andrew Morgan, Lihong Zhou, Ran Chen
BS Jozzepi Foo Michael Tran
GS Olga Gabroussenok Jennifer Leung
BD Jozzepi Foo & Ken Chan Michael Tran & Mark Chean
GD Olga Gabroussenok & Jennifer Leung Dorothy Lui & Kimberley Leung
XD Olga Gabroussenok & Alan Chan Jessica Jiang & Michael Tran
BS Brian Kwok John Trinh
GS Kathy Liu Courtney Leung
BD Joshua Chan & Jason Wong Jason Hum  & Kelsey Charie
GD Kathy Liu & Courtney Leung Khuyen Forsythe & Andrea Hum
XD Kimberley Leung & Brian Kwok Kathy Liu & Jason Wong
BS Corey Hum Kyle Lam
U12 / U14    
GS Emily Morgan Angela Hammel
GD Qufei Chen & Bettina Wong Emily Morgan & Alicia Pan
BD Corey Hum & Kyle Lam William Trinh & Michael Woods
XD Emily Morgan & William Trinh Alicia Pan & Corey Hum
Special recognition to Olga Gabroussenok:  TRIPLE CROWN GOLD MEDAL WINNER
Happy Easter to all participants and their families.