Dutch Open 2006

Hertogenbosch, Natherland November 7-12, 2006

Grade£º2* Prize Money£ºUSD:50000

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events Gold Silver
Men'Singles Sairul Amar AYOB(Malaysia) Yun Yong WU(China)
Men'Doulbes Rian SUKMAWAN / Eng HIAN (Netherlands) Hendra A GUNAWAN / Joko RIYADI (Netherlands)
Women's Singles Adriyanti FIRDASARI (Netherlands) Wenyan LI (China)
Women's Doubles Rani MUNDIASTI / Endang NURSUGIANTI (Netherlands) Katrin PIOTROWSKI / Michaela PEIFFER(Germany)
Mixed Doubles Robert BLAIR / Jenny WALLWORK (England) Flandy LIMPELE / Vita MARISSA (Netherlands)

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