Solicitation of Interest

Coach and Manager for the Ontario Winter Games Training Team


The ODBA is moving forward with its plan for the 2010 Ontario Winter Games program. Details of this program can be found under the Juniors section of the ODBA web site.


As indicated in the program description, the OWG Training Team and eventually, the OWG Team, require a coach and a manager. Daniel Leblanc, who initiated the new OWG training team program, has been appointed as interim coach and manager until such time as an official selection is made for both positions. The ODBA is now looking to initiate the process to staff these roles.


The objective of this communiqué is twofold:

1)     to inform the ODBA coaching community that we will soon be moving forward to staff these positions so that people who might be interested are aware, and

2)     to evaluate the level of interest in these positions by asking that interested people inform us of their interest.


We have started the process of documenting the requirements for these positions and will publish them soon. Our objective is to identify the 2010 OWG team coach and manager before the end of the current badminton season. The timing for the actual transition of responsibility from the interim coach to the officially appointed coach is not set and will likely be subject to discussion between them. Please note that the interim coach can apply and that financial compensation will be provided for these positions.


Should you be interested in these positions, please indicate your interest to me by email at by Mar 10, 2009.


Thank you


Sylvain Coulombe

Director – Junior Player Development