The Ottawa District Badminton Association (ODBA)

is accepting applications for the positions of


for the 2010 Ontario Winter Games (OWG) team


The OWG will be held March 6-8, 2010 in Bracebridge



The applicants for these positions shall meet the following requirements:


- have strong communication skills and the ability to manage regular training sessions

- be able to work as a team with coach/manager & ODBA OWG committee

- completed full NCCP Level 2 certification (if the candidate does not meet this qualification, the District must make a specific application to the Ontario Game Administrator (OGA))

- Note: the combined two positions will be filled by one male and one female applicant

- Successful police check (cost will be reimbursed by the ODBA).


Combined Responsibilities of the COACH and MANAGER:


Training Team and OWG Team Selection Guidelines


             book training dates, times & locations

             consult OWG committee and coaches for input into the training team selection

             use the OWG 2010 Winters Games Selection Criteria posted by the ODBA

             propose a format for the final selection event (Fall 2009) and work with the OWG committee to seek endorsement of this format from the ODBA Board of Directors

             organize and run the team selection of 5 girls and 5 boys + 2 alternates

             communicate selection criteria to all players, parents, clubs, and coaches

             provide a training schedule to players including an expected code of conduct


Finance & Planning


             assist the ODBA in providing a detailed budget (expenses and revenues)

             organize and conduct fundraising where possible

             secure sponsor(s) where possible and procure uniforms

             organize transportation to/from Games

             submit all invoices/expenses to the ODBA treasurer


Preparation for the OWG


             be familiar with all rules / regulations of the OWG

             complete all paperwork for the Games (registration/medical)

             encourage and provide an individualized player training program

             conduct team training sessions to determine optimal athlete pairings

             encourage athletes to participate in High Performance tournaments

             consult OBA for any required information prior to OWG games

             provide Official for the Games from the ODBA (if available)

At the OWG

             travel with team players to and from the Games

             ensure the safety and well‑being of the team

             provide coaching and support to each player

             provide extra drinks and food at the Games


After the OWG


             provide a report documenting lessons learned and recommendations for future OWG events within 6 weeks after the event


Selection Criteria


             combination of leadership and coaching experiences

             Level 2 NCCP status with Badminton Canada

             Passion for badminton and works well with juniors




- Financial compensation will be provided by the ODBA for gym training time delivered by the coach. Expenses incurred by the manager through his/her involvement with the team prior to the actual event in March 2010 will be reimbursed and an honorarium will be offered as determined by the OWG committee. Travel, accommodations and food expenses incurred by the participation of the coach and manager in the 2010 event will be covered by the ODBA.


Application information:


Interested parties are required to send a brief resume detailing their related credentials.


Send applications to the Director of Junior Player Development (Sylvain Coulombe) via email ( by end of day on the application deadline.


Application deadline: April 15, 2009