OWG 2010 –Fundraising Jr Tournament

Casselman, Oct 10, 2009

U12 + U14 Men's Doubles
  • Gold: Aiden Russel/Ipellie Foo
  • Silver: Justin Huang/Minh Pham
  • Bronze: Michaël-René Choinière/Mathieu Simard
  • 4th place: Callum Chan/Christopher Loo
U19 Men's Singles
  • Gold: Kartikay Tyagi
  • Silver: Qufei Chen
  • Bronze: Kevin Cao
  • 4th place: Liam Woodside
U19 Mixed Doubles
  • Gold: Kirk Hansen/Katherine Chengli
  • Silver: Kevin Tseng/Annie Tzeng
  • Bronze: Kevin Cao/Danielle Cantal
  • 4th place: Alicia Pan/Kyle Cantal
U14 Men's Singles
  • Gold: Aiden Russell
  • Silver: Ipellie Foo
  • Bronze: Michaël-René Choinière
  • 4th place: Mathieu Simard
U12 + U14 Men's Singles
  • Silver: Minh Pham
  • Gold: Justin Huang
  • Bronze: Christopher Loo
  • 4th place: Callum Chan
U16 Men's Doubles
  • Gold: Victor Chan/Callum Ponsfold
  • Silver: Kenneth Fung/Kartikay Tyagi
  • Bronze: Gabriel Chauvin/Alexandre Lalonde
  • 4th place: SeongJun Hong/Jason Fang (absent)
U16 Ladies Doubles
  • Gold: Anne Wu/Annie Tzeng
  • Silver: Sashini Senarath/Nayaelah Abdussamad
  • Bronze: Melissa Murphy/Dominique Lalonde
  • 4th place:Chyna Liu/Claudie Coulombe
U16 Ladies Singles
  • Gold: Annie Tzeng
  • Silver: Sashini Senarath
  • Bronze: Dominique Lalonde
  • 4th place: Anne Wu
U16 Men's Singles
  • Gold: Victor Chan
  • Silver: Manuel Asistores
  • Bronze: Giulian De La Merced
  • 4th: Gabriel Chauvin
U19 Ladies Singles
  • Gold: Danielle Cantal
  • Silver: Katherine Chengli
  • Bronze: Chinue De La Merced
  • 4th place: Courtney Leung (absent)
U19 Ladies Doubles
  • Gold: Katherine Chengli/Courtney Leung (absent)
  • Silver: JArielle Beaudry/Chinue De La Merced
  • Bronze: Alicia Pan/Danielle Cantal
  • 4th place: Vivian Pham/Shryia Deshmukh (absent)
U19 Men's Doubles
  • Gold: Stéphane Schryer/Kevin Tseng
  • Silver: Kevin Cao/Liam Woodside
  • Bronze: Kyle Cantal/Annie Tzeng
  • 4th place: Steven Cunha/Samuel Chengli (absent)

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