2010 Ontario Winter Games


Rules and Regulations for Competition



1.       Codes of Conduct

The OBA Codes of Conduct and the OWG Codes of Conduct will be circulated prior to the event covering  all venues and times away from the badminton venue.  All participants shall have read and have provided signed copies of the relevant Codes of Conduct, including any Code of Conduct pertaining to the OWG provided by the Sport Alliance of Ontario, to the OBA, at the venue.  Infractions at the venue will be brought immediately to the attention of the referee.  Infractions at times away from the badminton venue will be immediately dealt with by the OWG.



2.       Team Conduct

a)       Coaches and managers are responsible for ensuring the proper conduct of athletes under their supervision and ensuring that all participants conform to the OBA and OWG Codes of Conduct.

b)       Participants are to be considered legally and financially responsible for all losses or damages to property caused by their actions.

c)       Any decisions made by the Referee or OWG Organizing Committee will be final.



3.       Dress Code

Team uniforms must comply with OWG and OBA regulations regarding advertising.  Coloured clothing is permitted.  Shorts that extend below the knee are deemed inappropriate clothing.  The decision of the Referee or OWG Officials shall be final.


4.       Eligibility

a)       All players must be born in the years 1991 to 1996. 

b)       All players must be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant.

c)       Ability: 

                                 i.            Any U19 players selected by Badminton Canada to represent Canada in any “external” multi-national event (e.g. World Junior Championships, Junior Pan-Am Championships etc.) whether or not they actually attend the event are ineligible to participate in the 2010 OWG.

                                ii.            In the case of any U14/U16 selected as above, each District is permitted to make their own decision on eligibility.



5.       Ranking of  Teams/Players

a)       For 2010, teams will no longer be ranked – a random draw will be conducted by the referee for the Round Robin pool order. 

b)       Coaches may play players/pairs in whichever order they choose.



6.       Format


                Of the Tournament


The Tournament is to consist of two parts, an initial competition in which all teams compete in a round robin, and a second part in which teams play off, in a knock out format, to decide their positions from first to last.


                Of Individual Ties


a)       The format for the individual ties shall be:  two boys singles, two girls singles, two boys doubles, two girls doubles and one mixed doubles, a total of nine matches.

b)       The order of play of each Tie should be determined based on which matches have the same players, with the general principal that singles are played before doubles unless they do not involve the same players.

c)       Though the Referee’s decision on the order of play is final, the views of the coaches of both teams shall be part of the decision.

d)       All ten players must play in every tie.

e)       If a player is seriously injuried or seriously ill and is not able to participate in a Tie, then the entire team is not disqualified.


                Of Knock Out Rounds


a.       Following round robin play, the teams placed 1-4 play off in the semi-finals, followed by final and 3 and 4 play offs.

b.       Teams ranked 5,6 and 7 would play a round robin to decide the final placings.  The referee will organize a random draw for this event.  The ties in this round robin will be the best of 7 matches.  Each player can only play in one event.  The matches will be as follows:  2BS, 2GS, 1BD, 1GD, 1MX.


                See attached schedule for order of play and timing of round robin play and knock out rounds.



7.       Completion of Ties


                All ties will be played to completion (injury permitting) throughout the entire competition.



8.       Player Substitution (not involving injury/illness)


1.       No substitutions are allowed in the initial pool/round robin section of the competition.

2.       Substitutions are allowed in the “knock out” rounds, once a winning margin has been obtained, if both coaches agree.  In this case, the final score of the tie is that from all matches played in the tie.  However, this is subject to the requirement that all ten players must play in each tie. 



9.       Player Substitution in the case of Injury/Illness


a)       If a player(s) is (are) ill or injured during a tie, and cannot continue to play, then their team defaults that match and any subsequent match that the ill-injured player(s) were designated to play in the line up for that tie.

b)       If one (or more) player(s) becomes ill/injured in the break between ties, and the line up for the next tie has not yet been submitted to the Referee, the procedure is as follows:

                                 i.            The ill/injured player(s) name(s) must be included in the line up submitted to the Referee 30 minutes before the next tie.

                                ii.            When the match(es) involving the ill/injured player(s) are called to court, as per the agreed order of play of the tie, then the team with the ill/injured player(s) has to default the match(es) if the player(s) cannot make it to court.



10.    Team Line-Ups


1.       Coaches must hand in their team line-up for each tie thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the encounter.  If a team’s line-up is not submitted at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of each tie, the Referee will use the team’s previous line-up for the encounter.  The coach should complete two copies, one to keep and one to hand in.  The coach will receive a copy of the opposing team’s line up from the Referee.

2.       Once the Team roster for each tie has been submitted to the Referee, the Referee shall either approve the order of play recommended by the respective coaches or, if required, establish the order of play for each tie to minimize player conflict between matches, and to ensure the tie is played in the minimum length of time.  In addition, provided no other conflict is created, the Referee may, in order to expedite completion of a long tie, specify that a match still to be played be moved to any available court.

3.       Once accepted by the Referee, this becomes the official line-up for the tie and no changes will be allowed.

4.       Following the first tie, any change in positions, at the discretion of the Coach, must be submitted in writing to the Referee at least 30 minutes before the start of each succeeding tie.

5.       Each Coach will receive a copy of the opponent’s line-up.

6.       Each team member can compete in a maximum of 2 events per tie.  All 10 players must play in each tie (except as specified above).  The team with a bye in each round will be required to supply lines people for the round in which they are not playing.

7.       Any changes in the team’s line-ups must be brought to the attention of the referee in writing at least thirty minutes prior to the start of the next round of play.

8.       If any substitutions are made in the knock out rounds, a new event list must be submitted to the Referee.





11.    Tie Break Procedures


1.       In the event that two teams are tied at the end of round robin play, then the team which was victorious in the head to head encounter shall receive the higher placing.

2.       In the event that three or more teams are tied at the end of round robin play, then the following criteria will be used, in descending order:

a.       The team with the higher differential of matches won and lost throughout round robin play will be awarded the highest placing.

b.       If still tied, the team with the higher differential of games won and lost throughout round robin play will be awarded the highest placing.

c.        If still tied, the team with the higher differential of points won and lost throughout round robin play will be awarded the highest placing.



12.    Reporting Results


It is the responsibility of the team manager to forward a completed team result sheet to the officials’ table following each tie break.



13.    Medal Ceremony


Presentation of medals and fair play awards to individual players, coach, manager and team will take place immediately following completion of the last knock out round.





Team v



Team v



Team v


Round 1

FRI 8-11 am










Bye team ....






















Round 2

FRI 12-3 pm










Bye team ....






















Round 3

FRI 4-7 pm










Bye team ....






















Round 4

FRI 8 - 11 pm










Bye team ...






















Round 5

SAT 9am-noon










Bye team ...






















Round 6

SAT 1-4 pm










Bye team ...






















Round 7

SAT 5-8 pm










Bye team ...




































8 - 11 am









from round robin play


1st placed vs 4th team









2nd placed vs 3rd team









6th placed vs 7th team

5th placed team has a bye















11.30am-2.30 pm











Winner of (a) vs Winner of (b)








Loser of (a) vs Loser of (b)








Winner of (c) vs 5th

Loser of (c) has a bye













The 5th placed team will provide any required linespeople for the semi-final rounds (a) and (b).

The team members of the team that has a bye in round (f) will be the linespeople for the tie for

the gold and silver medals.  All team members will be required to take part.















Medal ceremony follows last match.