2010 Sunday Club Challenges

Feb 21 to May 2, 2010 (4 Sundays)

An Intense play-off followed by a Joyful celebration on May 2

Pierre LeblancFallingbrookPlaying skills, unfailing good nature on and off court, team chauffeur
Mohamed OdauhOttawa UTeam captain, team chauffer
Alex TseCapitalSupreme performance
Rowena FoongRAOutstanding!
XiaoBo ZhuKanatafor being the most consistent and improved player with great team spirit
Phil YangLaurentian 1For his commitment to the Sunday League
Dominique GuertinLaurentian 2delivered great consistency with an almost flawless track record
Wei-Shao TomLaurentian 3Inspirational wins, strategic advice, leading by example
Linda Mills All Leagueplayed all matches with best overall results
League Winner of 1st 3 weeksLaurentian 3
Gold (Winner of Playoffs)Ottawa U
Silver Laurentian 3
Bronze Laurentian 2
4th place Kanata
5th place Fallingbrook
6th placeCapital
7th placeLaurentian 1
8th placeRA

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Congratulations and Big thank you to all the participants and volunteers making it a success, see you in the fall!

-- Co-ordinators: Laura Gemmell & Phil Yang

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