Pre-Christmas Jr Open

Turnbull School, Ottawa Dec 12-13, 2009

Congratulations to the winners!

U10-12 Girls' Doubles:Lisa Tang/Aswini Ganesh, Kora Upitis/Jodie Anderson (abs), Amber Flannigan/Veralika Tyagi U10 Boy's Sinlges: Marcis Upitis, Francis Coulombe, Jacob Harter,Callum Chan U12 Mixed Doubles:
1st: Aswini Ganesh/Jacob Harter
2nd: Lisa Tang/Christopher Loo
3rd: Amber Flannigan/Callum Chan
U10 Girls Singles:
Veralika Tyagi, Anuttara Devassy, Amber Flannigan
U14 Boys Doubles:Aiden Russell/Ipellie Foo, Minh Pham/Justin Huang, Yiyang Jiang/Henry Wang, Nicholas Goulet/Matthew Saab U14 Girls Doubles:Isabelle Beaudry/Janice Wong, Chyna Liu/Claudie Coulombe, Joletta Cheung/Jenny Zhang (abs)
U14 Girls Singles:Joletta Cheung, Chyna Liu, Claudie Coulombe U14 Mixed Doubles:Chyna Liu/Ipellie Foo, Isabelle Beaudry/Michael-René Choinière, Joletta Cheung/Yiyang Jiang, Janice Wong/Henry Wang U16 Boys Doubles:Callan Ponsford/Victor Chan, Alex Chao/Kenneth Fung, Alexandre Lalonde/Gabriel Chauvin, Jason Fang/Seong Jun Hong
U19 Boys Doubles:Nicholas Tse/Chris Perry, Samy Coulombe/Manuel Asistores, Dan Nguyen/Trung Tang, Martin Landriault/Jean Jr Cadieux (abs) U16 Boys Singles:Victor Chan, Callan Ponsford, Alex Chao, Chuheng Xing U16 Mixed Doubles:Arielle Beaudry/Victor Chan, Dominique Lalonde/Gabriel Chauvin, Anne Wu/Alexandre Lalonde, Nayaelah Abdussamad/Seong Jun Hong
U19 Boys Singles
Dan Nguyen
Chris Perry
Manuel Asistores
Brencis Upitis
U19 Mixed Doubles
Jessie Luo/Nicolas Tse
Viviam Pham/Kenneth Fung
Stephaney Helie/Brencis Upitis
Jessica Fang/Trung Tang

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