Results - 2005 Upper Ottawa Valley Junior Tournament (Deep River)



U12 Singles

1st Place

Justin Chow (DR)


2nd Place

Raymond Wang (DR)

U12 Doubles

1st Place

Justin Chow & Raymond Wang (DR)


2nd Place

Nicholas Aydemir & Rachel Wilson (DR)

U14 Boys Singles

1st Place

Nicholas Girard (RA)


2nd Place

Jimmy Mon (DR)


3rd Place

Matthew Aydemir (DR)

U14 Boys Doubles

1st Place

Jimmy Mon & Matthew Aydemir (DR)


2nd Place

Nicholas Girard & Daniel Ketcheson (RA)

U14 Girls Singles

1st Place

Jessica Brabant (DR)

U14 Mixed Doubles

1st Place

Brandon Petterson & Jessica Brabant (DR)

U16 Boys Singles

A 1st Place

Kevin Hua (SBA / KJBC)


A 2nd Place

John Trinh (SBA)


B 1st Place

Jason Tran (SBA / KJBC)


B 2nd Place

George Zhou (DR)


C 1st Place

Jeff Lalor (DR)


C 2nd Place

Michael Sullivan (DR)

U16 Boys Doubles

1st Place

Jason Hum & Travis Lo (SBA)


2nd Place

John Trinh & David Chan (SBA)


3rd Place

James Richmond (DR) & Nicholas Girard (RA)

U16 Girls Singles

1st Place

Kathy Liu (KJBC)


2nd Place

Courtney Leung (SBA)

U16 Girls Doubles

1st Place

Emily Morgan & Courtney Leung (SBA)

U16 Mixed Doubles

1st Place

Angela Hammel (Pembroke) & Bowei Han (DR)


2nd Place

Kathy Liu (KJBC) & Jason Tran (SBA / KJBC)

U19 Boys Singles

1st Place

Jason Wong (RA)


2nd Place

Shyong Pan (Arnprior)


3rd Place

Kelsey Charie (Capital)


4th Place

Mike Watt (Petawawa)

U19 Boys Doubles

1st Place

Jason Wong & Joshua Chan (RA)


2nd Place

Caleb Hui (KJBC) & Shyong Pan (Arnprior)


3rd Place

Kelsey Charie & Vincent Lee (SBA)

U19 Girls Singles

1st Place

Jessica Jiang (SBA / KJBC)

U19 Girls Doubles

1st Place

Andrea Hum & Kathy Liu (KJBC)

U19 Mixed Doubles

1st Place

Jessica Jiang & Caleb Hui (KJBC)


2nd Place

Lisa Shi & James Richmond (DR)


Legend:            DR       Deep River

                        SBA     Soong’s Badminton Academy

                        KJBC  Kanata Junior Badminton Club

RA       Ottawa RA Badminton Club

                        Capital-Capital Junior Badminton Club in Ottawa


A few words from Deep River Badminton Club President


The Deep River Badminton Club hosted the annual Upper Ottawa Valley Junior Tournament on Saturday Oct. 22, with the participants enjoying a day of badminton, pizza lunch, and prize draws.  Black Knight of Canada generously sponsored the event and provided all the prizes and shuttles.  Many local volunteers contributed to the success of this event.  The Club would like to thank the following for managing and running the tournament:  Yanpeng Wang, Janice Wilson, Tong Liu, Nusret Aydemir, Claire Ghent, Bill Richmond, Ron Hutcheon, Rosemary Nishimura, Xuejun Wei, Hongqi Zhou, Susan Sullivan, Lisa Shi, Winnie Li, Susie Guo, Esther Son, Anne-Marie Dolinar, Laura House and On Ting Woo.  We are also indebted to Fei Tam, David Hum and Janet Hugli for organizing the busload of juniors from Ottawa.  In particular, Fei Tam, President of the Ottawa District Badminton Association (ODBA) and the Kanata Junior Club, made up and ran the draws for the Under-16 and Under-19 sections, with Hongqi assisting.


Of the 70 participants, 30 were from Deep River and area, 9 from Petawawa, Pembroke, Renfrew and Arnprior, while 31 came from four clubs in Ottawa.  The help of many people is needed and very much appreciated in making the Deep River tournament an annual event in the ODBA.


Thank you.


On Ting